Madproject Vattam

There is a very popular saying in Tamil that goes “Vazhkai Oru Vattam” translating to life is a circle. Everything In nature has its own lifecycle, and as species of nature our human life is no exception to it. The Vattam has many a significance in our culture, art and heritage. Starting from the pottu women wear on their foreheads to the sun that fuels our lively hoods, everywhere we turn we see varied representations of the Vattam in our daily lives. Representing something, which you see everyday but never actually pay attention to is the real challenge, and taking that across your imagination and interpreting it in our own style is what the Vattam project was all about.

Featuring the submissions of

In Alphabetical Order.
Aditya Dhotre
Divya Sankar
Jeevan Siva
Ramya Vardhan
Sesha Devarajan
Vinoth Kumar