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Our each project is inspired by interesting people who do kickass pet-projects. This time we take opportunity to thank Mohana Parivallal for inspiring us to select Scribble as our theme.

Mohana describes her self.

“Being a medico.. U often tend to lose track of your hobbies.. Or I heard so more than often. That was one of the wrong notion that I want to get past in my life.. Service unto others ; but also do not let go of your dreams and passion. If you can sacrifice it.. It was never your passion in the first place. Hi, this is Mohana Parivallal. I am a doc and currently practicing for the past two years and focussing for my post graduations. I am an artist, and for which scribble had provided a platform for learning to become an heartist.

My current ventures are : Food photography and travel blogging.. Would love to explore more and also continue being an heartist as Adhitya (the show runner of mad project) would put it. I thank him profusely along with mad project team for this privilege.”

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Aditya Dhotre
Antony Jackson Cruz
Bhaskar D
Chitra Sudalaikannan
Divya Ramachandran
Lakshana Raja
Mohana Parivallal
Priya Moni
Ramya Vardhan
Shweta Telkhade
Sripathy Ramesh
Syed Haqil
Syed Mohamed Anees
Vidya Kumaresan